Bible Study
The following is a collection of Christian resources to help you study the Bible. Remember to always know Bible passages in their original context. Also, be vigilant of the truth of God’s Word in any commentaries and articles you read. 
Reading The Bible
Also known as the YouVersion Bible App by Life Church, it’s an excellent Bible app for your smartphone. You can also read on its website. It comes with many translations, audios, reading plans, & devotionals. 
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A free Bible app with a focus on word study. Search for a word each time it is used in the Bible. Has the NASB, ESV, KJV, and LSB translations for use. Includes the Hebrew and Greek lexicons. 
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Great for reading the Bible, especially to see up to 5 Bible translations side-by-side. This also includes many different languages and their various Bible versions. Bible parallels are best utilized on a computer.
Best used for its interlinear Bibles, this site also provides search and study tools like parallel texts, cross references, commentaries, topical studies, sermons, Strong’s Concordance, and much more.
Searching for Answers in the Bible
A great tool to help you find verses on a certain topic. It also has other interesting features on its website. Remember to always check the context of a Bible verse. 
A big collection of great detailed answers to questions about the Bible, life, Christian theology, etc. You can even submit your own questions. Answers are provided by faithful servants of Christ.
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Study Tools
The principles of Christianity in the form of 52 questions and answers. Learning and teaching this (especially to kids as early as possible) lays the foundation of Christian life with a perspective through God’s Word.
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An excellent program (free on PC, paid on app stores) providing Bible translations, parallels, commentaries, tooltips, references, journaling tools, and more. It has more resources you can download to add to it.
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A free and full commentary on the Bible by David Guzik, a pastor (statement of faith). This provides one’s insight and Biblical knowledge in understanding Scripture, like the notes in a study Bible. 
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. It’s a collection of articles on various topics with the application of Christian theology. Topics range from Biblical concepts, theology, secular issues, cults, etc.
A search engine library for Christian theological resources. It can be used to search for commentaries on Bible topics. It will lead you to the result’s respective webpage, article, document, sermon, video, etc.