Christian Books
There are many Christian books out there. Some are great; and some may be bad that simply claim to be Christian. The following are some hand-picked choices for those looking for something to read and to gain new insights on God’s Word. 
Included in this list are Bible Translations, Study Bibles, Christian Books, and Books for Kids.
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Bible Translations
There are many Bible translations, and there really is no such thing as the “best” translation. However, in reading and in studying, it is best to use multiple good translations to help yourself understand Scripture.
ESV – English Standard Version (originated in 2001)
It’s a literal translation of the Hebrew and Greek texts emphasizing “word-for-word” accuracy. It maintains many of the theological terms used in the older translations. However, some of the artistic beauties of the older translations are lost with ESV. Some people find the language too archaic in some verses. ESV is an excellent choice for Bible study.
NASB – New American Standard Bible (originated in 1971)
It is very similar to ESV. It’s slightly more literal in translation, so it’s a little tougher to read and to understand. If you’re looking for a faithful word-for-word translation for Bible study, NASB is a great choice. 
NIV – New International Version (originated in 1973)
It balances thought-for-thought and word-for-word. It tries to have the “soul as well as the structure” of the original texts. It’s an original translation, meaning the scholars started from scratch with the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. It’s a trustworthy text, it’s great to read, and it can have great poetic language in some places. 
CSB – Christian Standard Version (originated in 2004)
Similar to the NIV, it’s a bit more modern in it’s word choices. It’s grammar and sentence structure is also a bit easier to understand. CSB is a common translation to use for children and teens. 
NLT – New Living Translation (originated in 1996)
It’s a revision of the Living Bible, which was a paraphrase of the American Standard Bible. The project in creating NLT evolved from a paraphrase to a more in-depth translation from the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. This is one of the most easily readable translations.
NLT is a faithful translation and is great to comfortably read and to understand what is being said. It is not the best for an in-depth word Bible study, but it’s study Bibles, such as the “Life” study Bibles, are good places to start for youth and those new to Christianity. NLT is highly recommeneded for kids, teens, anyone new to the Bible, or those who struggle reading translations such as KJV, ESV, NIV, CSB, etc. 
Study Bibles
The MacArthur Study Bible, 2nd Edition (ESV)
ISBN (Hardcover) = 0785235507
This is a great in-depth study Bible with notes and commentary by Dr. John MacArthur. The notes will explain to you the biblical context, meaning of words, theological applications, and more. 
The Chronological Study Bible (NIV)
ISBN (Hardcover) = 0785239529
This book puts every chapter in chronological order (as best as one can). It helps bring to life the real history of biblical accounts. It also includes at-the-time cultural information and historical notes.
Teen Life Application Study Bible (NLT)
ISBN (Hardcover) = 1414324626
Great for kids from late elementary to high school. It includes simple side notes for definitions and concepts. It also includes realistic modern stories of people to help the young reader relate to biblical concepts.
Christian Books
“The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel
ISBN (Paperback) = 0310345863
The interviews and notes by an atheist legal writer who became a Christian on his search for facts and truth about Jesus. This book talks about many interesting questions and presents great evidence. 
“Dangerous Prayers” by Craig Groeschel
ISBN (Hardcover) = 0274829568
An inspirational book that explains prayer and how to pray passionately, strongly, and “dangerously.” It’ll go over asking God to search your soul, to break your habits, and to lead you to Him. God answers prayers.
“By Grace Alone” by Sinclair B. Ferguson
ISBN (Hardcover) = 1567692028
It’s an in-depth commentary about restoring our amazement towards God’s grace; that we can really take grace for granted. Ask yourself, “if I am not amazed by God’s grace, can I really be living in it?” 
“The Gospel According to Satan: Eight Lies About God That Sound Like the Truth” by Jared C. Wilson
ISBN (Paperback) = 1400212049
It talks about some major frequent lies about the gospel that many people fall for. These lies appeal to people. The author exposes the lies, explains how they harm us, and provides ways to counteract them.
Books for Kids
“The Beginner’s Bible”
ISBN (Hardcover) = 031075013X
A great book for very young kids to read and to learn the popular and basic Biblical accounts. It has full color art for each page and is very easy to read. Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, David, Jesus, and more.
“100 Bible Stories for Children”
ISBN (Hardcover) = 149643160X
A great book for early to late elementary kids. It reads like a story book, giving nice short-story summaries of Biblical accounts. It has a lot of full-color art, many of which are full-page art.