Summer Camp for Blaney Youth Ministry
Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters
(828) 321-2210
Main Schedule
– Monday
10am – Depart from BlaneyBC
12pm – Lunch in Spartanburg
4pm – Arrive at SWO
5pm – Dinner
7pm – Worship Service
Free Time
– Tuesday-Friday
7am – Prayer Chapel
8am – Breakfast
9am – Morning Worship
Breakout Sessions
12pm – Lunch
6pm – Dinner
7pm – Evening Worship
Free Time
– Saturday
7am – Pack and Clean Up
8am – Breakfast
9pm – Farewall Service, Depart SWO
3pm – Arrive at BlaneyBC
Packing List / What to Bring
– Your Bible
– Water Bottle
– Pen(s)
– Notebook
– Flashlight
– Sun block
– Spending Money ($50 should be good)
– Small Backpack / Drawstring Bag
– 6+ Days of Clothes
– Swimwear (appropriate&modest)
– Dark-Color Shirt over Swimwear
– Close-toed Athletic Shoes
– Flipflops/Crocs/Shower Shoes
– Raingear
– Bedsheet
– Pillow(s)
– Blanket and/or Sleeping Bag
– Your Medication
– Toiletries/Shower Stuff
– Towels
– Trashbag (stores dirty clothes)
NO Weapons, Drugs, Alcohol, Vape, Etc.
NO Smart Watches (easily damaged, lost, stolen)
Beware of bringing expensive items.
Behavior Warning: If a child’s behavior becomes uncontrollable, disrespectful, or very bad, the child risks being required to leave SWO, which means a 4 hour drive to come pick up your child, and then a 4 hour ride back home. So, everyone, please behave properly. Be holy
About SWO
“Summer Camp at Snowbird is all about pointing students to the Gospel. Offering nearly two dozen recreation options, we are committed to high-adventure recreation. More than that, we are committed to Gospel-centered discipleship. Our summer camps host two worship services per day, engaging students through song, expositional preaching, drama, and video. Daily breakout sessions cover a wide range of relevant topics, from apologetics and missions to relationships and Bible doctrine. Each day concludes with small-group sessions, allowing our staff to engage students in personal relationships and encouraging youth groups to grow as a community.” -SWO