The following are tools and resources to help you share the gospel with people, whether in a public setting or a private meeting. 
Gospel-Sharing Tools
This is a quick and simple tool to share the gospel with someone. It uses the concept of “drawing 3 circles” to share about God’s design, sin, brokenness, repentance, and what God wants us to do.
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Using 50 pictures, you can find out about someone’s spiritual life. This is a friendly conversation starter and gets people thinking about their life. Engage someone’s curiosity with pictures, then share the gospel. 
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Downloadable PDF documents:
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God’s Word is Proven
This tract’s focus is a quick and brief summary of where the Bible came from, how we were foretold of Jesus, and that we indeed have evidence for our faith in Christ. It includes a quick gospel summary as well. 
–This is to be printed double-sided and with 0″ margins. Going over 0.2″ margins will cut stuff off. Each paper printed with produce 2 tracts.